Newborn Baby girl Photo Session

The days are long but the years are short. Enjoy every single minute, every cry, the sleep deprived days and every single snuggle! I’m so lucky to be able to capture these sweet babies in their first 2 weeks of life. After that they change and grow so quickly. You literally feel like you blink and they are all of a sudden starting to crawl.

I absolutely LOVE having this job. Capturing these little details, hands, sleepy smiles and deep dreaming babies! It isn’t easy photographing babies- but I know it’s exactly what I was meant to do!

Hope you love these sweet images as much as I do!

Welcome to the world Jaxon

Welcome to the world Jaxon!!!!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little handsome guy! Momma was only 35 weeks pregnant when her water broke and he came quickly into the world. Jaxon was born so early and was so healthy and strong he didn't require any NICU time. He slept like a dream for his session and even gave me a few sweet smiles. I feel so lucky and blessed being able to photograph all of these baby's!!!! I truly love being a newborn photographer.


Aloha Baby Austin

Aloha my sweet baby boy Austin!! 


There is nothing better than photographing a sweet new baby except for photographing your own.

I was originally scheduled to have our son via c-section on June 26th, but this little guy had his own plans! On monday evening I woke up throughout the night and just wasn't feeling well and was constantly having contractions but no pain. By Tuesday morning they began to become consistent. After laying down and drinking water, they spread out. Throughout the day, they would come and go and started to become extremely painful. My husband came home from work and i had my friends ready to come get our kids just in case. By 9:30pm we headed for the hospital. Contractions became unbearable and thankfully i only had to labor a few hours before they took us back and delivered our healthy, handsome, baby boy via c-section.

Austin Jacob was born on June 24th at 3:34 a.m. weighing 7 lbs .03 oz and 20 inches long. It was the best moment of my life, besides the births of my other 2 children.

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than being a mommy. I'm so happy I was able to take his pictures and share my new little man with the world! 

Welcome to this great big world, Austin! Mommy, daddy, ryan and Kennady are crazy in love with you already!! 


Huge thank you to Lindsay and Autumn for taking my kids the night we went into labor before my moms flight got in. and a special thank you for my mom who took care of my kids once she arrived and for everything while she was here. We are truly lucky for those in our lives!