My heart on the outside <3

It's not very often I ever photograph my own kids so when the opportunity presents itself- I am all over it. Their ages are often tricky to photograph and having "Photographer Child's syndrome" doesn't help either. LOL.  

We had packed up for a beach day with some fellow photographer friends and headed to the most magical beach on the island. We stopped on the way, grabbed our favorite snacks and drinks and hauled our stuff onto the beach. It's spectacular here. Like justice isn't even done with these photos because it's truly amazing there. 

We spent about 40 minutes running around, finding coconuts, dancing and finding sticks to add onto the teepee! Ok who am I kidding, a few tantrums and melt downs happened too. But these are real and so special to me.

I'm just crazy over these photos and really need to print every single one! 

Family pictures are so important. Don't wait and miss these opportunities with your kids. They are growing so fast. The days are long but the years are short. Let's book a session and capture your sweet love and how you love them right now! 


Enjoy these beautiful image of my babies, my heart! 

Ryan- 10

Kennady- 4

and my baby Austin, 2

Rosenberg Family Session-1-8.jpg
Rosenberg Family Session-1-4.jpg