Aloha, baby Brady!!!!

Babies features change and they grow so quickly it’s hard to remember sometimes how little they once were. Sometimes as new parents we forget to stop and appreciate the moments and we just remember how tired we are, how little of sleep we got and how they cried all day! Forget that! Remember their little cries, the way they smell after their baths, the cuddles, the love, their flakey skin and the coos!!! As a newborn photographer, My favorite thing is capturing these beginning days as parents and how itty bitty your baby is. My favorite place to be is on the beach, photographing them on this gorgeous piece of paradise.

This little man. This tiny coconut!!!!

Aloha and welcome to this great big world, Brady!!!! I’m so happy after getting rained out the first day, you slept like a dream wrapped up like a burrito- sonic and warm!!! I could feel the love from his parents for him and for each other. Nothing more special than that!!! I was SO excited to edit these images. I think this may be a favorite newborn beach session of mine…. until the next lol!!!

Enjoy the gorgeous images of these beautiful new parents and their tiny coconut!

Welcome to the world Jaxon

Welcome to the world Jaxon!!!!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little handsome guy! Momma was only 35 weeks pregnant when her water broke and he came quickly into the world. Jaxon was born so early and was so healthy and strong he didn't require any NICU time. He slept like a dream for his session and even gave me a few sweet smiles. I feel so lucky and blessed being able to photograph all of these baby's!!!! I truly love being a newborn photographer.