Let's plan the perfect session together for memories to last a lifetime!!!

Whether you’re a high school senior, an engaged couple, or someone have portraits taken “just because,” for the time you’re in front of the camera you are a model.  Unless otherwise specified, you and your photographer are the stylists of the photo shoot.

These tips are suggestions to create a perfect session

1. The more outfits, shoes, and accessories you can bring to the shoot the better.  By doing this you're giving me more options and you will end up getting better images out of your photo shoot.

2. Try on your “photo” outfits ahead of time. Also, if time permits please send me pictures of the outfits so I can plan accordingly with props, color schemes, locations, and backdrops.

3. Your outfits are there to be a part of your look, not to be the main part of the image, so keep that in mind.

4. Patterns and Fabrics:
Outfits with simple geometric patterns often look good. Those patterns and figures, however, should not be overbearing just clean and simple.  Stripes, crinkled fabric, polka dots, and so on.

5. My no-no’s are any cotton outfit if the colors are washed out and have lost their vividness. Any lint or fuzz visible—please leave it at home.  Also, please do not wear sneakers, screen print shirts, and please make sure your clothes are ironed and clean. The more effort and planning you put into what you're going to wear, the happier you'll be with the outcome of you photos. 

6. I can bring any props you see on my other sessions. They will be provided upon request. Please bring anything you think will enhance your photo shoot or is of special value to you and your family. Talk to me and we can customize your session together.